The NFL just announced that the Oakland Raiders will be featured on this upcoming season of Hard Knocks and I couldn't be more excited. This was the obvious choice of the potential teams that could be picked by the league. Nobody wants to see a TV show featuring the Redskins or Lions.

Give us the fucking Raiders, man. Gruden, Antonio Brown, the Black Hole, etc. The have everything. The show is set to debut in August, but I thought I'd get a jump on some potential moments that we're sure to see in a few months. Just win, baby. 

Mark Davis Gets Some Fits Off 

mark davis fits
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Look at this king. Need a whole episode dedicated to his closet. Where do you even get those white pants in 2019? Get this man on Sneaker Shopping

Beast Mode Returns 

marshawn raiders
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They can'd do Hard Knocks on the Raiders without Marshawn Lynch. Back in May, Beast Mode said he'd return to Oakland if they needed him. Well, I'd say this is a pretty damn good reason. America needs him. 

Antonio Brown Goes Off on Ben Roethlisberger 

ab raiders
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Yes, I know they're not on the same team, but this is for sure going to happen. AB never shies away from the camera, so get your popcorn ready. 

Jon Gruden Doing Anything on Camera 

gruden hard knocks 2
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Finally, we get Gruden back in front of the camera. This man is electric. I need him breaking down formations and fullback handoffs for at least 10 minutes each episode. 

Mike Mayock Forgets He's Actually a GM 

mike mayock
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I'm ready for Mayock to fully forget he actually works for the Raiders and not the NFL Network anymore. Give us a full mock draft in the middle of an episode, cowards. 

Hue Jackson Crashes the Party 

hue jackson
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Hear me out. Hue Jackson isn't up to anything else right now. He has experience as a star on the show. This seems like a match made in TV heaven. 

Richie Incognito Fights Someone 

richie incognito
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This guy sucks. He's an asshole and will probably do some asshole thing during the show.