The NBA Draft has become a bigger deal than the NBA Finals. Both take place in the same month, but only one can change the fortunes of all 30 franchises. In fact, for many fans, the promise and potential of the incoming crop of players have eclipsed the biggest games of the NBA season. That’s because only a pair of teams can play in the pinnacle series, but every fan gets to dream about what drafting the next big thing will mean for their squad.

Because the NBA Draft has become such a big deal for the fortune of franchises, a lot of time and effort go into scouting the best collegiate and international prospects, age 19 and over (for now). There are the statistical breakdowns, with on-court analysis from a top player’s extensive NCAA work—usually numbering 35 games in between classes and the official end of their season. This boundless sample size against the very best competition in the land tells scouts and analysts all they need to know to predict a player’s future.

There are the draft buzzwords: “NBA body” just means that player’s body is big; “has all the physical tools” refers to an NBA body that moves laterally at a speed that’s incongruent with its size but might not be able to catch a pass. There’s little talk of dribbling, passing skills, or understanding of the game, unless there’s a European scout whispering in an assistant GM’s ear.

These days, there’s always a bit of armchair analysis about whether a guard can get his shot off at the NBA level, or if he has the long-range chops to survive in a make-or-miss league that values the space right behind the 3-point line above all else. It’s been almost 40 years since the advent of the NBA arc, and math has won in a landslide.

But despite all the measurements, times, bench presses, and video breakdowns scouts, executives, and analysts pour over in the weeks leading up to the draft, comparisons to past NBA greats continue to act as surrogates for the statistical minutiae that can give many fans a headache. It’s in that vein we introduce the prospects to pros list for the 2019 NBA Draft.