With a 4-8 record, the New York Giants are facing a nearly impossible uphill battle as they look to turn around their 2018 season and make a last-ditch effort at a playoff spot. On Thursday, Odell Beckham Jr. discussed his outlook on the remainder of the season with the Giants on the brink of elimination. "At this point, we can only focus on Washington. There is no 'what if.' We're going out there to win," Beckham said, per ESPN. "If our season is over, I'm making sure somebody else is coming home with us. That is the goal.”

Beckham, who will have his new five-year, $90 million contract kick in next season, has shown growth as a player and teammate, avoiding the on-field meltdowns that painted him in the wrong light. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in one day, and OBJ has occasionally let his emotions get the best of him.

Beckham’s criticisms of quarterback Eli Manning hurt the narrative of his growth as well. However, it would be difficult to dispute that his overall demeanor has changed for the better this year, despite the Giants’ season-long struggles. 

Beckham’s latest remarks regarding the team’s perspective in the face of another playoff-less season show that their star wide receiver is making an effort not to make the same mistakes that plagued him in the past. OBJ still has plenty of room for improvement, but don’t we all?