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Klay Thompson marches to the beat of his own drum. While his Golden State Warriors teammates are rocking Nike and Under Armor, Thompson signs with the Chinese shoe brand Anta. (The deal is believed to worth a reported $80 million over ten years, so we can’t hate on it too much). When he and his teammates take a photo together, Thompson will pose in a defiantly awkward fashion.

After Kevin Durant used this past summer to expand his YouTube page, and Steph Curry recently formed the production company Unanimous Media, Thompson has gone in a different direction once again, partnering with Prime Society to create a line of designer bags. According to TMZ, the "Championship Collection" is expected to include everything from backpacks to duffle bags to wallets and will be sold at a Nice Kicks pop-up shop in the Bay Area "some time after Game 4" of the 2018 NBA Finals. The company says that the name of the collection is "a reference to the Finals Championship they are about to win!" 

When the collection does drop, you should expect to see Thompson aggressively promoting the line by carrying around the various items wherever he goes. When you're putting away your credit card for the bottles of champagne already paid for by team owner Joe Lacob after winning another championship, you're going to need your cardholder. When you're coming off the private jet after partying for the last 48 hours straight, you need to have a change of clothes in your duffle bag. When you need that emergency bottle of chocolate milk, there's no better place to carry it then in your toiletry bag. OK, the last example was a stretch, but you see what we mean.