Six months, 169 days, 2,460 games, and 42 Russell Westbrook triple-doubles later, it has arrived. 

The NBA Playoffs begin Saturday—if you somehow didn't know—and as far as we're concerned, Christmas can fall back. This is the most wonderful time of the year. 

All clichés aside, from now until the middle of June when the NBA crowns its next champ, it's about to get real out in these streets. The slog that is the NBA regular season is behind us and the basketball we all pine for is here in all its glory. But what do you need to know before the Association takes it up a few notches? A few things. 

Why are the Bulls still balling? What's the most interesting series in the Western Conference besides Houston-Oklahoma City? Does seeding matter? What should we expect from LeBron? Does defense really win championships? And who should you bet on?  Get your ass up to speed on all things playoff basketball with our postseason primer. @ us if you must, but when you're done reading this we guarantee you'll be smarter, and possibly richer. 

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