Everybody's favorite "Russian" co-host Nikolai Popov is back, and this time he's interviewing a living legend—The White Mamba. On the latest episode of spoof talk show Here's The Rub, Popov (played by comedian Andrew Santino) sits down with Brian Scalabrine to talk about everything from Fat Joe to how to play squash. 

Popov and Scalabrine both share a common trait—being a "ginger" as Popov so delicately puts it. However, the term didn't bother Scalabrine because, according to him, "ginger doesn't look anything like his hair." It wouldn't be a Here's The Rub interview without an awkward moment, and The White Mamba's came when he went on to tell Popov about how Big Pun and DJ Khaled once gave him a shout-out for giving out too many high fives, but Popov explained that it was Fat Joe not Big Pun.

The two went on to play a friendly game of squash. Despite learning the game on the fly, Popov played surprisingly well, and went on to gift the Mamba with a signed headband and a pair of new Adidas squash sneakers (limited edition). Watch the full episode above, and catch the previous episode of Here's The Rub with surfer Anastasia Ashley on go90