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Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play and is widely recognized for his football acumen. In both Indianapolis and Denver, he had near total control of his offense, allowing him to make wholesale changes based on how opposing defenses were set up.

Manning is a football junkie and well-respected by pretty much everyone, leading many around the league to wonder if he'd take a front office job after calling it quits as a player. As luck would have it, the Colts GM job became available today when Ryan Grigson was relieved of his duties. Given Grigson's failure to surround Andrew Luck with talent, the reaction on social media was predictable:

There will be little love lost for Grigson in Indianapolis.

But Manning doesn't appear to be the man who will replace Grigson. Colts owner Jim Irsay spoke to the media about the decision to fire Grigson this evening, and Irsay immediately put Manning rumors to bed.

"Right now it's something where he's not in the mix in this process for interviewing general managers... Peyton and I have talked through the last year when he came in for the 10th anniversary reunion. Him and I sat and had some time to talk alone. I said I'd be happy to be a sounding board for him, asking him what he was thinking about going forward with his career and that sort of thing. But there was never any serious negotiations or anything like that for him coming in to be general manager."

"I welcome the opportunity for him, and I talk about that possibility someday that he would play some role in our organization. You have to remember it hasn't even been a year since the confetti fell from his Denver Super Bowl victory, and he's enjoying retirement, enjoying the chance to not be down in the schedule and that sort of thing."

Colts fans were a little less understanding of this development, and it's pretty clear Manning is still a beloved figure in Indianapolis:

Despite claims from former coworkers that Manning could step into a GM role almost right away, it doesn't appear the signal-caller is destined for a move to the front office yet. For now, Manning can continue to enjoy some downtime and let that sweet, sweet Papa John's commercial money continue to roll in. 

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