The LGBT community has been defended by many supporters after boxing legend Manny Pacquiao made recent incendiary comments on his Instagram account debasing gays as "worse the animals" and that they should be "put to death." He cited a Biblical verse that he interpreted to be anti-gay, and the religious Pacquiao was subsequently dropped by Nike after his "abhorrent" comments surfaced earlier this week.

Pacquiao issued a public apology for his comments, but the apology seemed more like a patronization since he really didn't feel sorry for what he said.

Former WWE superstar and Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista, and son of a lesbian mother, was asked for his response to Pacquiao's comments. He didn't pull any punches, calling Pacquiao a "fucking idiot" for his vitriol aimed at homosexuals. Even though Bautista claimed that he respected Pacquiao as a fighter, he felt like his mother was dissed by the Filipino boxing legend, and was willing to put his foot up Manny's ass, as stated in the video above.

Let's hope these fighters actually do don't get in the same room anytime soon.

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