Carmelo Anthony has a hard time ignoring hecklers. Last year, he reportedly yelled, "Go f*ck yourself," at a 76ers fan who heckled him during a game at Madison Square Garden. And while we didn't actually get to see that interaction, we now have a new video of Melo exchanging words with a fan during a Knicks game against the Sixers in Philadelphia last Wednesday night.

In the video—which was uploaded to Facebook by a fan named Noel Banos last Thursday—you can hear two fans heckling Melo during the game while seated directly behind the Knicks' bench. One even yells "You gotta play defense, Melo!" in the Knicks superstar's direction as Melo prepares to sit down on the bench. And rather than ignore the fans, Melo yells back at them.

"Don't tell me that and then think you're gonna cheer for me," he says. "I don't want to hear that."

You can see the exchange between the fans and Melo in the clip above. Didn't Melo see the camera pointed at him?! C'mon, man!

[via YouTube]

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