Floyd Mayweather always keeps it real…except when he doesn't.

That's what he told the Nevada State Athletic Commission earlier today when they questioned him about a number of things that were shown on his Showtime All Access reality TV show recently. Specifically, they weren't happy with a scene that showed two fighters sparring for more than 30 minutes inside of his Las Vegas gym. And they also weren't thrilled with an All Access scene that showed Mayweather surrounded by a group of girls smoking marijuana. But according to him, the NSAC shouldn't be too concerned about what they saw because—get this—Mayweather says the scenes were staged.

Gasp! We know, we know. Mayweather admits reality TV isn't always real.

"With All Access, we're able to edit and chop footage the way we want," he said at a hearing, a short time before claiming that the weed that was used in All Access was actually "fake."

We don't know if we're buying that part of his argument. But the NSAC did let Mayweather off with just a warning. So it sounds like his "reality TV isn't real" argument actually worked in this particular situation. Think any of the All Access fans out there will care?

[via ESPN]