Every car is a cult car to somebody. Even something as lowly as the Geo Metro (for example) has its champions, and something as internationally God-awful as the Trabant (which makes the Metro look like a Bentley as far as build quality) has events built around it. So narrowing it down to the 25 biggest cult classics isn't as easy as it might seem. There will certainly be notable omissions, and we expect the fanbases of particular cars to object strenuously to their lack of inclusion.

But that is what cult cars are about—to-the-death allegiance to a particular make or marque no matter how seemingly irrational it may be. It doesn't matter whether a car was produced for one year (like the Audi RS2) or 30-plus (like the Volkswagen Beetle), the affection is the same. Here are The 25 Biggest Cult Car Classics.

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