Sooooooo do the Heat and Spurs even have to bother playing the 2013 NBA Finals? According to Las Vegas oddsmakers, the Heat are favored pretty heavily to knock off the Spurs in their best-of-7 series. After entering the 2013 NBA Playoffs with 2/3 odds to win the title this year, the Heat are now 5/12 odds to win the 'chip. By comparison, the San Antonio odds are set at 2/1.

So the Heat and Spurs might as well save themselves a whole lot of time and trouble and just call it a series now, right?! Errr, yeah, something tells us that won't sit well with David Stern or anyone else in the NBA league office. Gambling and the NBA? We know how that story ends. But this does mean that the Heat haters out there should prepare for the worst, because Vegas loves Miami.

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[via Sports Illustrated]