Porn director, actor, producer, and 2011 AVN Hall of Fame inductee Jules Jordan got his start in the porn biz in his hometown of Hershey, Penn. Jordan has made his mark in the industry. With his success in the porn biz, he has developed an affinity for the finer things in life, including high-priced whips. He has amassed a sick car collection.

Jordan discusses living in L.A., Rolls Royces, and porn footage that you’ll never see.

How did you break into the porn industry?
I was a clerk at an adult video store. I was really into porn and thought they’d never hire me because I was such a frequent customer. But I got the job and just saved my money and hustled. I worked at the video stores for a while, managing them. And then I went to work for the distributor that we got our movies from in New Jersey. They also had a production company that produced adult movies, and in my off time I’d shoot movies with the girls. More and more, I wanted to just produce movies, but it was hard on the East coast, so I moved to California. In 2001, I hooked up with John Stagliano and Evil Angel. Back then, sales were so good that when you signed with Evil Angel that meant you were on your way to being a millionaire. By the time I was 30, I had a million dollars in the bank. So, that was pretty exciting to me. Just living in California, and having a Porsche, and being able help family from my career is cool.

What was your first car?
Ah, man, a Volkswagen Quantum. Probably 1990 that I got the car, '90 or '91. Definitely wasn't a new car. It was cool for what my family and me could afford at the time. I lived in Pennsylvania, so, you know, there was no wild fantasy back there, like there is here in L.A.

What was your dream car?
When we were kids, we'd fuck around with Volkswagens. You know, lower them, put some wheels on them, stuff like that. But you know, fantasy cars. Porsches. I was real into Pathfinders at the time. Toyota Supras and Land Rovers were the shit back then. Those were the high-end cars you'd see back then in Pennsylvania.

How many cars do you own?
I have four cars right now. I have the Rolls Royce Ghost, and I have a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. I have those both matte-blacked-out. Platinum Motorsport does all the work on my cars, and they always take them to SEMA or the LA Autoshow.  I always liked the Ghost more than the Phantom. Phantom is just a mature car. Feels like you need a driver to come with it. I also have a couple of trucks and like, four-wheeler, quad stuff.

Have your cars appeared in your movies?
Yeah, I've got one movie out now called Ultimate Fuck Toy: Riley Reid, where we have a little bit of road head in the Porsche. And I got another one coming out with the Ghost in it.

How many movies have you acted in or directed?
I have 150-plus starred in and directed. When I started, I just found the best guy I could find to hold the camera. And then I would work with the girls because there's no, like, pool of guy performers on the East coast that could pull it off. So I kind of started as a director/performer.

Who are some of your favorite porn stars to work with?
People always ask me that. To me, nothing beats the early 2000s. There was Jenna Haze, Aurora Snow, Gauge, Belladonna. They were all in their prime right when I was coming up. Belladonna and Jenna Haze are definitely two of my favorites to work with.

Have you checked out the any of our Complex porn star lists
Yeah, I saw the big one. The 100 hottest one.

Were there any names you felt were missing?
Porn is such a subjective thing. With the girls, everybody likes their different thing. What was cool about it was that it wasn't a view from the inside. Sort of an unbiased look at the porn industry.

Are there any girls that are exclusive to Jules Jordan Video releases?
That was never our business model. Our business model is to use all the hottest girls that are around, or to find new girls. The closest thing we have to an exclusive model is a Cuban girl from Miami named Abella Anderson. She pretty much only works for us and occasionally, and she’s real popular, rides the dick well. There aren’t many new Latina porn stars coming in, though.

What's the worst part of working in the porn industry?
The worst part was first starting out and trying to shoot boyfriend/girlfriend couples, amateur style. The guy wouldn't get hard, and the girl would be like, "what are you, a faggot?" You'd see this domestic dispute unfold right in front of you while you're trying to shoot. Those were the only bad times that I've had on a set. Now I kind of know who I'm shooting before I shoot it. So, I know it's always going to be a pretty good time on set. It's real low-key when I shoot, real low-stress level. I think that adds to the outcome of the scene.

You did well at the AVN Awards this year, yeah?
I won best Gonzo (all sex, no dialogue or storyline) movie for a movie called Dangerous Curves. We’re usually one of the top-three nominated companies, and we usually end up being one of the top three or top five award winners.

What movies are you working on right now?
I just completed a new movie called Breast Worship 4 for that series. Just continuing some of the series, working with some new girls. I have a line of all-anal movies called The Ass Factory that I’m concentrating on. We have Hot Anal Injection 2 coming out under that label, but there are four or five different series under The Ass Factory label.

Do you have any crazy stories about working in the porn biz?
The craziest thing I ever saw was, I’m shooting two guys and a girl and one guy is banging the girl from behind and pulls his dick out and looks at it and it starts getting swollen and purple and black and shit. And we’re all tripping out like “whoa, what happened.” He ended up having to go to the hospital. I’m not sure what happened, but he basically broke his dick.

Which actors were involved?
It was an a girl named McKenzie Lee, and it was a guy named Travis Knight and Mark Wood, in the movie Slut Puppies Vol. 1. The funny thing was that I ended up having to jump into the scene. You know, there’s a lot of problem solving when you got porno going on. He had to go get all these procedures after that, and I didn’t know you could even do that shit. That’s every man’s worst nightmare right there, besides getting your dick cut off and put in a garbage disposal.

Then there was one time, I mean, obviously, with porn you see all kinds of bodily fluids all over the place. But this one time, I was shooting a double-penetration scene with Lexington Steele. And he pulls out of this one girl’s ass, and I just get shot with shit all on my lens and all on my face. It wasn’t too crazy, but it was enough to be like, “holy shit, that just happened.”