You Can Finally Cop Your Grails With These Sneaker Necklaces

These detailed sneaker necklaces are the next best thing to actually owning your grails.

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Everyone sneakerhead has a "grail." That one sneaker that you see in your dreams, that you'd trade nearly your entire collection to obtain. But before you go and do something drastic, check out these dope sneaker necklaces that might hold you over until you have a chance to cop the real thing.

Spotted on Etsy, these necklaces are handmade by an artist in Paris and include some of the most popular sneakers around. They've covered everything from well-known designs like the Air Jordan 1 "Bred" and Air Yeezy II to niche favorites such as the Nike Air Max 1 "Patriot."

Each necklaces measures five centimeters tall and ranges from around $20-40 apiece. Head on over to Etsy now to make your sneaker dreams come true.