Sneakerheads Go Crazy Over H&M Sweatshirt That Looks Like a Brand Kanye Wears

The hype is real.

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Calling Kanye West "influential" would be a gross understatement. For years now, we've seen nearly every Yeezy-endorsed product fly off the shelves, often making their way eBay where the items fetch as much as ten times their original retail price. From his wildly popular sneaker designs to seemingly basic garments like the $100 white t-shirt with A.P.C., nothing is off limits for sneakerheads and 'Ye stans.

What's truly remarkable is when this phenomenon extends to something that Kanye didn't actually wear, like what's happening now with a new sweatshirt from fast-fashion brand H&M. Since catching the attention of UK sneakerheads last week, the hype for these pullovers has reached a peak. But if Kanye didn't wear them, what makes them so special? 

Remember those Haider Ackermann sweaters that 'Ye couldn't stop wearing last season? Yeah, those. Due to the designer prices, they were out of reach to the average 'head, but it looks like H&M is offering up a decent alternative at a fraction of the price. Don't believe us? Check them out for yourself.

They're so close to the Kanye look that some people are even offering up trades in Supreme collabs.

People are even helping each other out by offering proxy services for sneakerheads to cop.

But what really convinced us that the hype is real was this image.

What do you think? Is this close enough to the real deal to get a pass, or is it just another attempt by H&M to jump on a wave that's already on its way down? If you're feeling them, the dark grey colorway is currently available from H&M's U.S. site for $30.

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