You'll Never Get Lost Again With These Futuristic GPS Sneakers

A British airline is trying to make GPS shoes that will help tourists get around foreign areas easier and safer.

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A British airline is looking to help tourists get around safer and easier than ever before with a pair of GPS-equipped sneakers.

Easyjet introduced its Sneakairs prototype today at an event in Barcelona, reports CNBC. Although the sneakers themselves look rather basic and uninspired, it's what's inside of them that sets them apart. 

Just like certain smartphones, Easyjet's Sneakairs are built with sensors that vibrate at each turn to guide the wearer to their destination. As of now, these are in a prototype phase, but an Easyjet spokesman said it hopes to eventually offer Sneakairs for purchase during flights.

"We are looking at making this technology available for purchase on board in the future, offering a very practical solution to those passengers who want to relax visiting a new place without the need of a map and enjoy every moment while they explore a new city," Easyjet's marketing director said.

This isn't Easyjet's first attempt at wearable tech, as it launched futuristic LED-powered uniforms last year for its on-board crews.