Raffle here, online sign-up there, no first-come first-serve releases. What the entire fuck? Now I'm gonna offer up my personal opinion on the resale game, as to the way it's evolved and the shit that annoy me. First off resale to me is a necessary evil out here in the streetwear world. From the outside looking in, one could make a bunch of assumptions about the people engaged in this seemingly new marketplace, but, for real, at the end a the day, the shit is no different than being a day trader; the stock is just different, and the market is somewhat unregulated. But I guess that's where the bullshit also begins, because being unregulated means any Randy can jump in and play. Just cause you playing don't mean you're gonna win. Here's my list of shit pissin' me off in the resale game. Enjoy!

Resellers bitchin' about competitive pricing

Here's the deal: When a retailer sell some shit, that price is for errbody that can access the item while supplies last. Once supply runs out, if there's still a demand, the people with the item can sell it for whatever they want. But the game’s not the same and resellers need to know this shit. The days of huge margins ain’t dead, but them shits ain’t givens like it used to be. And here's another thing—just ‘cause you bought it don't mean you’re entitled to a outrageous resale markup or any resale at all. What the whole fuck? It's not StockX’s fault. It's not Grailed’s fault. The shit you involved in is a gamble, and you not entitled to shit. Sit your ass down, stop complaining, and step your hustle up, folks.

The uneducated being uneducated

OK, you just got into the “resell” game cuz you've heard how lucrative it can be. You quit ya’ day job, went and spent some money on some items, and now you just waitin’ for the flip game money tree to bear fruit. Three weeks later you still sittin’ on the shit you bought and now you finna take a loss on what you spent cuz rent’s due. You need monies. You probably sitting there like, “What I do to piss the hype Gods off, and why ain’t I makin' no money?” The answer is simple: Do some fuckin’ homework before you start spending money. Yet it's overlooked, and that shit pisses me off, cuz it makes doin’ business a lot more difficult. I welcome any and everyone to get paid doing what they love, but knowledge is power and taking the time to learn can help you from wasting money. It just seems crazy that mothafuckas don’t think about that shit.

Mothafuckas stuck in the past

I say this as an actual participant in the “cowboy” era of reselling, but this is 2019, it's not 2014. The way things were then are not the way things are now, and a lot of you mothafuckas don't want to accept that shit. You ain’t gonna sell that shit for whatever you want. I started off this piece saying resellers were like day traders in a market that was unregulated. Well it's still unregulated, but now there are other factors and corporate players in the marketplace that have changed the dynamic of reselling as a whole. But we got some ‘a you out here that don't know how to evolve with the business they're in. I'm not a fuckin’ economic strategist, but it be pissin' me off that some a these “plugs” treat this shit like is actual drugs instead of commodities out here. (Remember that knowledge is power thing.)  People have access to more information about products, so they're making more educated purchases. Mothafuckin’ roll with it and learn how to evolve. Damn. Change is good and will keep you relevant.

Now there's more shit that piss me off, but these are just a few standouts in my book. These are all things that come with the territory of the resell game. I mean a lot the shit is common sense. I'm just sharing one point a view on it. I don't expect to change the resell game, but I know I'm not alone in my feelings. Resell is a fuggin’ choice, and I guess that's my closing issue and final piss off. Don't complain about a job or career you chose once you see it's actually more work than you thought, cuz I mean I'm sure issa whole 9-5 out there for ya. Stay safe people love is damn love 💯🙏🏾