No shoe means as much to London as Nike Air Max. No other piece of footwear has championed the values of innovation, energy and culture as relentlessly as the Air Max – and it's these same values that form the building blocks of our city.

In honour of Air Max's 30th anniversary and its never-ending testament to breaking glass ceilings, Nike have been unlocking the creative potential of London's next generation. 700 young creatives were hosted in a pop-up studio at a secret location in London for one week only to work with industry leading mentors in the fields of music production, photography and interactive design. The next wave of innovators created work that's inspired by Nike's latest game changer, the Nike Air VaporMax.

Complex was also on hand to host a series of editorial and design workshops with mentors such as GEO owens and Ashley Verse for a diverse team of young journalists, photographers and visual artists from London.

That team – Amandeep Basi, Dwayne Bickersteth, Romel Birch, Nicole Chui, Sam Cole, Ede Dugdale, Danielle Field, Jordan Henry, Xyrenn Maddox and Olivia Toye – produced a zine to document the story of London: ON AIR and celebrate the legacy of Nike Air Max in its 30th year.

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