The godfather of streetwear, Shawn Stussy, recently stumbled across a long forgotten box containing some sneaker history. Stussy recently took to Instagram to show off three silhouettes from his S-Double, his higher-end brand, which included branded samples along with a 2010 collaboration with Vans Syndicate on the AV SK-8 Low.

Speaking of the samples, if they look they're adidas inspired, they are. Without specifically mentioning "adidas," Stussy referred to his white/green lowtop as the "Stan Common," and then admitted he "borrowed heavily from this under the radar model from one of the big companies" when speaking about the black/white pair which looks like the adidas Rivalry Lo.

Considering these silhouettes were never produced, calling these rare would be an understatement. However, Stussy did give fans some hope that they'd be able to own a pair of S-Double sneakers as he revealed that he found 40 pairs of the aforementioned Vans Syndicate collaboration.

Stussy's previous collaborations with the likes of Nike, adidas, and Timberland are in big demand, so it's interesting to see where a private label brand would have went.