While #BEEN TRILL# may have been caught in a shit storm of bad press with A$AP Rocky last year, the brand almost released a sneaker collab with one of the rapper's favorite brands.

A Kanye To The forum member recently shared an unreleased #BEEN TRILL# x adidas Samba that he picked up at an outlet. Dipped in a fully reflective 3M upper and finished off with translucent black soles, these would have been dope to say the least.

According to the KTT member, there was a complication during the production that led to these being scrapped. Even more interesting is that the member claims his friend, who interns for #BEEN TRILL#, told him that owner Matthew Williams wasn't even aware that they were being sold. 

The price he paid for them? They were a steal at $70 with 30% off on top of that. It's probably a good time to go check your local outlets, because the only other pairs we could find are listed for as much as $200.

Check out another look below and let us know if you have any luck tracking these down.

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