The Saint Laurent SL/10H has been one of the most coveted luxury sneakers in the market over the last few years.

Having drawng inspiration from the Air Jordan I, fans looking to upgrade their kick game found solace in the premium quality of SL/10Hs as well as the exclusivity they so desire as the staggering $645 sticker price prevents most from obtaining a pair. While many of us are familiar with how the SL/10H looks with premium denim and well-curated fits, not many of us have really imagined what they'd look like on court. 

With Sneakerboy's latest lookbook, we no longer have to imagine as images depict the sneaker in full b-ball mode. Considering its old-school inspiration and true high top stance, the SL/10H actually look pretty good in action. Now if Gilbert Arenas were only still in the league, we might actually see these hit the NBA hardwood.

[via High Snobiety]