In a new interview by DezeenPaul Guadio,​ adidas' first creative director in 15 years, sheds light on why the Three Stripes partnered with Kanye West.

Guadio emphasized that not everything they make is designed to be commercial hits, but also to set the tone for things to come. "Collaborations with people like Kanye, these tend to be things that we use to make statements to ourselves or to our consumers about who we are and what we can do," Guadio told Dezeen. "Some products are created to be huge, multi-million, commercial drivers, and others are made to feed and to set the tone, to put our flag out there and to make statements​

Using Kanye's cultural cachet to catapult adidas' brand awareness is a huge endorsement, and Guadio explains that the partnership isn't necessarily about making tons of money. "Yes, there's the direct sales aspect of it, but we also look at what people are saying about us. In my mind to be the best, people have to say you were the best," Guadio reveals. "When we get that feedback from consumers and from the culture around us, then we consider it a success​."

When asked about his involvement in the Yeezy collection, Guadio gives all the props to Mr. West himself, explaining that adidas is merely the conduit for Kanye's creativity. "We really like the idea that Kanye West, a huge celebrity, [he] wants to be creative, to do more than just make music. He is a creative force within himself," Guadio said.

You can read the full interview at Dezeen.