I imagine it's not fun being a Lakers' fan these days. With a winless record and the NBA's 40th best player in Kobe Bryant not getting any younger, the present seams pretty bleak for one of the league's most storied franchises.

Instead of focusing on present day struggles, Packer Shoes and New Balance are paying tribute to the days of Lakers' greatness, the "Showtime" era. First seen in our recent Sneaker Shopping episdoe with Fabolous, this upcoming collaborations is set on the New Balance 740 Worthy and dubbed "Purple Reign." The shoe exudes 80s opulence and Lakers' pride in its rich tones and color scheme. Having been an integral part of those teams, James Worthy is further commemorated on his sneaker with a hangtag featuring his signature goggles along with the aglets displaying his nickname, "Big Game James." Lakers' fans can relive their glory days starting Friday, November 14, when these officially drop at Packer Shoes.

[via Packer Shoes]