The Air Jordan IV "Patchwork Louis Vuitton Don" by Dank Customs is one of those shoes where you simply just have to go "wow" and stare, and just appreciate the craftsmanship. 

Having a reputation as one of the best in the custom guys in the game, Danklefs doesn't rest on his laurels continuing to push the limits of his work. This latest piece right here, is seriously some next level shit. The attention to detail along with the execution is mighty impressive - peep the "Louis Vuitton" nameplate and icons on the back.

While an official collaboration between LV and Jordan Brand is highly unlikely, these Dank Customs gives us an idea of the possibilities an epic partnership like that could offer. For those of you that may not be familiar with the Louis Vuitton Patchwork Don, we've included an image for you to see where Dank drew his inspiration from.

[via jwdanklefs