It ain’t easy being steezy. Nowadays, there’s a thin line between “fresh” and “try-hard.” You’ve gotta get the look just right in order to not come off like the latter and be hailed as the former. One way to assure your freshness is recognized? A simple coordination that has been at the forefront of style for decades: match your sneakers to your New Era 59FIFTY.

One thing you can count on for the fall is a monumental October in MLB ending with a World Series some cities will never forget. Another thing you can count on is some memorable 59FIFTY releases to match with the best sneaker releases of the season. One’s sneakers are a treasure, but when you coordinate them correctly to your fitted, it just makes everything pop. DJ Clark Kent said the reason he got into the 59FIFTY was so he could be deemed cool among his peers who counted on the look to set them apart. Take a cue or two to keep it hot during MLB’s most important month, and check out 10 Ways To Pair Your Favorite Sneakers With Caps This Fall.