British long distance runner Mo Farah is already a living legend on the track, but now, the 30-year-old international icon is looking to dominate the road racing scene as, and well with a little help from Nike.

In preparation for his marathon debut in London next year, the word on the web is, Nike will roll out a million-dollar running shoe for Farah. Now, that doesn’t mean the shoe will retail for seven figures. Rather, it’s a million-dollar project give the expenses and research required for it to come to fruition.

According to the Daily Express, Nike has rounded up a team of 25 innovative minds to tackle the project.

“We are in the information-gathering stage,” said Farah’s coach Alberto Salazar. “The first meeting I went to there were 25 people on this project. They went to St Moritz to watch Farah train.”

While there is little-to-no information yet available on the specs of the shoe, both Nike and Farah’s team are expecting it to help shave a couple of minutes off the world record time.


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