Category: Running
Best For: Runners looking for a lightweight zero-drop platform
Star Feature: Ultra-soft Pittards Armor-Tan Goatskin leather
Weight: 8.1 oz

As the temperature continues to rise in these mid-summer months, runners everywhere will be looking to strip down to the bare essentials in hopes of staying cool and comfortable on the road—and that includes lacing up in a pair of sneakers that are lightweight, easy on the feet, and can perform at optimal level despite the grueling heat. If you happen to be one of those runners, and prefer a shoe of the zero-drop variety, one model you need to consider is the Skora Core.

After having the liberty of running wild in another Skora shoe—the Form—earlier this year, the Core has naturally been on the list of running sneakers that I’ve been wanting to test out this summer. Fortunately, the good folks over at Skora sent over a pair and made it happen.

To be quite frank, when it comes to cushioning, I lean towards the traditional setup—a padded midsole that can reduce foot fatigue over long runs, and is responsive enough to offer some energy return for efficient running. Skora being a brand that specializes in minimalist-friendly, zero-drop shoes, you would think that’d be a problem. Surprisingly though, with the first pair of the Skora’s (the Form) that I ran in, the shoe didn’t have a midsole, but its oversized, wrap-around outsole had enough cushioning in the heel to keep me satisfied—the Core though, not so much.

The Core has a sole that’s about half the height of the one seen on the Form, meaning it has half the cushioning. It’s not so noticeable on paper, but when you lace them up, you can definitely feel a difference, almost immediately. While this does provide improved road-feel, if you absolutely need the cushioning, you may want to opt for the Form—really though, it’s a win-win.

Like the Form, the Core’s upper is constructed from a perforated Pittards Armor-Tan Goatskin leather that makes for one of the most comfortable running shoes on the market. Seriously, you haven’t experienced comfort until you’ve stepped into Goatskin leather. The shoe’s incredibly lightweight, and breathes great. In fact, I have yet to run in any Skora model with socks on. Socks just don't do the shoe justice.

The Core features a high performance IBR (Injected Blown Rubber) outsole, with an ergonomic design for more fluid anatomical movement. Really, it’s designed for the road, but if you get the urge to hop on a local trail, you should be ok in terms of traction.

A WR100x finish gives the shoe improved water resistance without affecting breathability, and a no-tongue construction helps reduce chafing, and makes it easier to put the shoes on and take them off. On the inside, an Agion Antimicrobial mesh lining protects against bacteria, as well as helps keep sweat at a minimal. The shoe’s removable insole adds another layer of comfort, and its dimpled design holds the foot in place, eliminating slippage.

Bottom Line: What the Skora Core lacks in cushioning, it makes up for with a lightweight, flexible design that is ideal for short-to-middle distance running in warmer weather. The shoe fits great, looks great, and above all, runs great.


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