Unless you're the kind of person who likes to nerd out about all-things-running (and we're not say there's anything wrong with that), chances are you've never heard of footwear brand Skora. Well to be quite honest, neither had we--that is, until the Portland, Oregon-based brand generously sent us a pair of its best running shoe, the Skora Form. While we continue to put the shoe through further testing, we'd like to give you our first impressions of the barefoot running sneaker.

Just like you've probably never heard of Skora, you've probably never run in shoes made from Goatskin leather. The Form's all-leather upper truly makes it one of the most unique sneakers on the market. Now, we know what you're thinking: Who in the hell would want to run in leather? Well take it from someone who's done it, the Form's Pittards Goatskin leather makes for one of the softest and most confortable running shoes ever tested in the Sneaker Report lab. The ultra-soft leather, paired with a heaven-sent Ortholite insole, combine to give runners just another reason to lace up and hit the road.

The initial 3-mile test run in the Forms was nothing more than a tease, leaving us wanting more, and fast. Thanks to an asymmetrical lacing system, and a no-tongue construction, the shoes feel even lighter on your feet than their 8.2-ounce weight would suggest. The wrap-around design of the outsole gives them a rugged look, while providing excellent impact absorption at the same time. The Forms gets high marks in the aesthetics department as well. We did experience some slippage in the heel, but for now we'll just attribute that to a pair of bad running socks.

A complete performance review of the Skora Form will be shared with you shortly.

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