January is upon us, and that means awards season is steadily approaching. Although there are plenty of films to watch during the lead up to Golden Globes like Uncut Gems, Marriage Story, and Little Women, there are plenty of new movies coming out this month that don't make the cut for a 2020 nomination. This month's roster of new films include remakes of classics like the 2005 horror hit The Grudge or sequels to movies with a cult following like Bad Boys starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

The Hollywood calendar (blockbusters in the summer, Oscar contenders in the winter) can get predictable, but there are few simpler joys than braving the cold just long enough to catch a new film. So start channeling your inner kid, because it's high time to head over to the movie theater and catch, say, the Dr. Dolittle reboot. Whether these new films coming to theaters are a drama, comedy, or horror film, we promise they'll satisfy any film geek. Continue reading for the best new movies in theaters this month.