You've had your share of superhero movies with Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, and now summer blockbuster season is officially upon us. The release of Toy Story 4 this month is sure to have '90s kids everywhere flocking to the movie theater, and same goes for July, when we finally get our updated remake of beloved Disney classic The Lion KingBefore that, though, there are a couple of other flicks worth catching in theaters this month. We've saved you the "what movies are playing right now" Google search and curated a list of the best upcoming films to watch on the big screen. 

June 2019 finds us with a good mix of horror, action, and drama, and even another suphero flick. The best new movies in theaters include a remake of horror classic Child's Play, and new installment in both the Men in Black and Shaft franchises. Whether you're a loyal member of AMC Theaters' Stubs program, or you're a Netflix fanatic setting foot in a movie theater for the first time all year, there's bound to be a film or two in here for you. These are the best new movies coming to theaters this June.