What if baby Kal-El’s rocket missed the Kansas cornfield it was supposed to land in and, instead, crashed in the Soviet Union? This is what Mark Millar asks readers in his Elseworld title, Superman: Red Son. With Superman seated next to Stalin in his inner circle, it is up to Lex Luthor, an American genius, to come up with a way to destroy Stalin’s new “Man of Steel.”

It may be a “What If?” style of story, but Millar’s slanted take on the Superman mythology is so much fun that it supersedes most of the in-continuity Superman tales of the last decade. Red Son also features twisted versions of other DC heroes like Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Batman, who sports a stylish ushanka in the comic.

Millar presents time and space as very fluid, and argues that any slight change in trajectory can forever alter reality. But besides all that metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, it’s just great to see Superman call everyone “comrade.”