As they enter to Fortress of Solitude to give Superman his birthday presents, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Robin find the Man of Steel in a vegetative state with a large alien plant attached to his chest. As they try to remove it, the heroes are surprised by the alien warlord, Mongul, who reveals his plans to kill Superman once and for all. He explains that the plant is called the Black Mercy, a piece of alien vegetation that attaches itself to a victim and creates a dreamlike fantasy world in the person’s head; however, as it creates this psychic Utopia, it also slowly kills its victim.

Written by Alan Moore with art by Dave Gibbons, For The Man Who Has Everything is a brutal, yet poignant, tale that sets out to humanize Superman. Superman is usually presented as unflappable, but this story perfectly illustrates the desire that he has to meet his long dead parents and live a normal life. Never before had any writer attempted to give Superman hopes or dreams. It’s that type of emotional baggage that Moore brings to these characters that makes his writing so much more meaningful than the other comic book talent in the industry.