La la la la, la la la la, maybe it isn’t Elmo’s World in the eyes of conservatives. 

Jim Henson’s iconic furry red friend is just one of several other Sesame Street characters who have been effectively banned, or simply “not allowed,” at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference.

The conference dished out the anti-puppet tweets earlier this week, making it clear that no Muppet should be allowed on conference grounds when the actual event kicks off next week in Orlando. 

Elmo wasn’t the only fictional character who got “not invited” to CPAC on Twitter, as Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie were all name-dropped as well.

This comes weeks after the Twitter for Big Bird made the announcement that Sesame Street’s top bird was vaccinated for COVID-19, a tweet that Republicans, such as Ted Cruz, weren’t all that thrilled about. While Cruz called it “government propaganda for your 5 year old,” President Joe Biden gave his feathered friend some props. 

As it goes, banning a puppet from a conservative conference is an usual move, as puppets historically do not attend conferences, and one that’s caught the attention of the internet. See what Twitter users had to say below.