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It seems everyone is piling on Space Jam: A New Legacy, which failed to impress critics upon its release last week. The latest person to trash the LeBron James-starring film is Joe Pytka, who directed the original, which starred Michael Jordan.

Per TMZ, Pytka said it took him five attempts to sit through the entire film, which he descirbed as “an uninteresting mess.” The 82-year-old director also weighed in on the LeBron vs. Jordan debate. 

"The truth is that LeBron ain’t Michael," Pytka said, adding that MJ was one of if not the biggest celebrity in the world when Space Jam debuted. He also suggested that there’s no connection to LeBron’s personal life, whereas the original touched upon Jordan’s brief pivot to the world of baseball. He maintained, however, that LeBron is a remarkable athlete and a good actor.