Metroid Dread, befitting its name, is filled with tension and anticipation. You’re tracking down rumors of a resurgent parasitic organism that could destroy humanity, and your investigation takes you to the alien world of ZDR. Once an outpost for an ancient civilization, the planet has since been reclaimed by nature in a hostile takeover. The vegetation is lush and overgrown; bordering on claustrophobic. The rain beats down constantly. Bubbling lava fills spaces once inhabitable.

Environmental diversity is a signature of the Metroid franchise. You begin Metroid Dread with just enough firepower and armor to get your first upgrade. Along the way, you see alternate paths and doors that are inaccessible; maybe one requires a weapon or gadget that you haven’t acquired, and even if you got the weapon, your armor is still too weak to withstand the extreme heat or cold on the other side of that door.