Mainstream credits: Clambake (1967), Star Trek (1968)
Adult credits: Body Talk (1982), Stalag 69 (1982)
Circumstance: Mainstrean actress turned adult film star

For geeks, Angelique Pettyjohn is known as the girl from an episode of Star Trek who went on to star in X-rated films. (It was the episode titled "The Gamesters of Triskelion," and she played Shahna, a bodacious alien in a tin-foil bikini.) In truth, she earned a cult following over the course of an eventful career that yes, did include a three-film adult film phase—Titillation, Body Talk, and Stalag 69, all released in 1982.

Post-porn, and before her untimely death from cancer in 1992, she appeared in Repo Man (1984) and Biohazard (1985).