Safaree Samuels took to Twitter today to defend himself amidst accusations that he’s a deadbeat father.

After welcoming a newborn with his recently divorced ex-wife Erica Mena, the Love & Hip-Hop stars are once again at each other’s throats. Erica alleged that Safaree was nowhere to be found while their shared newborn was in the NICU, instead claiming that he was off partying with other girls. Now Safaree has taken to social media to put those rumors to rest.

“I’m sick of this fake ass narrative too like I’m a dead beat,” he tweeted. “I don’t wAnt a Treat for being with my kids but don’t act like I’m not with my kids becuz y’all don’t see it.My kids live in a mansion and that’s because of me! I’m with them all the time!”