'Ted Lasso' Star Jason Sudeikis Wore 'Montreal Bagel' Dunks to White House Visit

Jason Sudeikis appeared at the White House with the cast of 'Ted Lasso.' Sudeikis was seen wearing a pair of the Montreal Bagel Nike Dunk Low sneakers.

ted lasso cast at the white house

ted lasso cast at the white house

ted lasso cast at the white house

Jason Sudeikis isn’t from Montreal, but he’s clearly a fan of the city’s bagels.

When Sudeikis and the cast of Ted Lasso appeared at the White House for a discussion of mental health awareness, a group photo showed Sudeikis sporting the “Montreal Bagel” Nike Dunk Low shoes.

They’re visible in the photo the White House posted on Twitter from the Oval Office.

President Biden and the First Lady meet with the cast of Ted Lasso in the Oval Office on March 20, 2023.

After the photo made its way online, a Reddit thread pointed out that Sudeikis had “pulled up to the White House in bagel dunks.”

A day later, Off The Hook boutique posted an Instagram story confirming that they were, indeed, the “Montreal Bagel” sneakers.

Jason Sudeikis Wearing Montreal Bagel Dunks

During their White House visit, the Ted Lasso cast spoke about the importance of taking care of their mental health.

“The big theme of the show is to check in with your neighbour, your co-worker, your friends, your family, and ask how they’re doing and listen,” Sudeikis said. “We also have to know that we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help ourselves and that does take a lot, especially when it’s something that has such a negative stigma to it, such as mental health, and it doesn’t need to be that way.”

Sudeikis is a known sneakerhead, having even gone shopping with Complex back in 2020. Season three of Ted Lasso is underway on Apple TV Plus.

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