California Teenager Gets Turned Down for Prom, Shows Up With Kylie Jenner Instead

A teenager from California got rejected by his first choice for prom, so he ended up bringing Kylie Jenner instead.

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Everyone dreams of taking their favorite celebrity to their high school prom and being the talk of the evening. One lucky kid in Sacramento may have just pulled it off, and he has the videos of Kylie Jenner at his prom to prove it.

Kylie Jenner really just came to rio prom.

— Sam Adams (@sam_adams_10) April 9, 2017

Students at Rio Americano High School lost their collective minds when Kylie Jenner showed up to their junior prom, which was held at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria in Sacramento. Brought along as the date for junior Rio student Albert Ochoa, Jenner elicited a lot of high-pitched screaming and tweets of disbelief from the Rio students in attendance:

kylie jenner for reals went to rio prom tonight with the guy my sister turned down 😂😂

— syd (@sydduhney) April 9, 2017

(for the record she turned him down bc it was her friends older brother but STILL)

— syd (@sydduhney) April 9, 2017

Not even the brother of Ochoa could believe the good fortune of his sibling when he found out Jenner was his prom date:

This might have been a bit of wish fulfillment on Jenner's behalf. She left high school after ninth grade to finish up her education as a homeschool student, so she didn't exactly get to have a prom before she finished up in 2015. Jenner expressed a desire to attend prom with one of her friends back in 2014, so crashing Ochoa's prom this year was probably the next best thing.

Jenner's good pal Jordyn Woods came along for the evening, but there's no word yet on whether she was some lucky kid's date or just an accomplice for her best friend:

Take notes out there, other teenagers. If that special someone you have your heart set on turns down your prom offer, you might as well shoot your shot with a celebrity. You never know what might happen!

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