‘Broad City’: Watch the Wild Season 4 Trailer

The latest trailer for 'Broad City' Season 4 is here, featuring drugs, strap-ons, and grandmothers with guns.

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Broad City has never been a show about subtlety. After all, one of the show's two main characters was fired from her job after posting the "Mr. Hands" bestiality video from her company's Twitter account, and relationships have ended over dildo disputes. So the new trailer for Broad City's fourth season feels right at home, with closet sex, threesomes, and hallucinogenic trips all featuring in the 98 second romp.

One of the big questions heading into Season Four was just how serious the show was going to get, given recent developments in the world around them. Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson made no secret of their preference for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton last year, and they released a digital short in January reiterating their hatred of Donald Trump on Inauguration Day.

The man they called, "Billy Bush's fucking butt plug" only made a brief appearance in this new trailer, when Ilana appears to shrug off his presence as she goes at it with her vibrator. Just don't expect the Broad City ladies to back down from serious topics this season; Jacobson has said the show definitely changed course once the 2016 election unfolded the way it did.

"We didn’t rewrite huge plot points, but we integrated into the show in a bigger way because there are things that we just didn’t feel are okay," she told Variety. "We have an opportunity where we have a platform and we’re going to use our voices to comment on it."

You can watch the full trailer for the upcoming season above, and get ready for the fourth season, set to arrive this August.

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