Yeah, Sofia Vergara Made a Weird Anal Joke During the Golden Globes

Sofia Vergara made an anal joke during the Golden Globes...because Sofia Vergara?

.@SofiaVergara introduces our Miss Golden Globe Trio, @sophiastallone, @sistinestallone and @scarletstallone! #GoldenGlobes

— Golden Globe Awards (@goldenglobes) January 9, 2017

During tonight's Golden Globes ceremony, you're going to get some corny jokes; hell, Jimmy Fallon is the host. But for some reason, the "joke writers" felt it was time to go in with the obvious sex joke for when Sofia Vergara was thrown on stage.

For those who were unaware, Sofia Vergara was tasked with presenting the 2017 Miss Golden Globe, and the joke writers made her flub the line "annual tradition" with "anal tradition," because Sofia Vergara's been a sex symbol for years.

As per, Twitter is on these things EARLY, so you know heads had to tweet their piece.

I still don't understand what award Sofia Vergara presented and what it had to do with anal #GoldenGlobes
Sofia Vergara said anal twice on national tv. #justsaying #GoldenGlobes
Golden Globe Writers: classy, giving Sofia Vergara that "anal" gag ahead of her intro-ing the Stallone sisters.
whoever wrote that joke for sofia vergara (a hot latina says anal bc she cant pronounce annual! lol), ur canceled 💋
Glad we all agree the Sofia Vergara anal joke was terrible #GoldenGlobes

We agree: yes, Sofia is hot. Part of her appeal on Modern Family is that she's ditzy but hot so you can excuse the craziness. But Sofia Vergara is also an IRL human being, past her breasts and beauty. Can we move past her being the one to make an "anal" joke prior to Sly Stallone's daughters being presented, or literally being put on a pedastal like she was during the 2012 Golden Globes?

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Just saying, let's all move past this.

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