It’s hard to believe now, but when Guardians of the Galaxy debuted in 2014, the average moviegoer had no idea who Groot was. Marvel faced an uphill battle, of explaining to the public who these intergalactic misfits were, and why we should care about them on the level that we cared about Hulk, Captain America, or Iron Man.

It succeeded wildly, and with Eternals, Marvel is hoping to attain the same success. That’s easier said than done. This movie has beautiful people in pretty costumes, but no one with the loose cannon vibe of Rocket Racoon or the deadpan humor of Drax the Destroyer. And it’s hard to care about near-immortal beings—ironic because even though the plot concerns the literal destruction of Earth, the stakes feel lower than they ought to.

The best aspect of the film is how it adds context to the MCU, which previously centered Tony Stark as the catalyst for nearly every major Earth event. Eternals broadens that perspective; so many of humans’ biggest innovations and catastrophes have resulted from cosmic, outside meddling.

The movie has also found new life on streaming. Despite mixed reviews and an average box office performance when it debuted in theaters, over two million households have streamed Eternals in its first five days on Disney+. Perhaps, a two-hour-and-37-minute epic is best enjoyed from the comfort of home. 

Here are 30 Easter eggs and references you might have missed in Marvel’s Eternals, now streaming on Disney+.