Ohio Man Fined for Littering After Dollar He Handed to Panhandler Falls on the Ground


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Now this is just petty.

John Davis of Elyria, Ohio, says he was pulled over by a Cleveland cop and given a $500 ticket for littering after one of the two dollars he gave to a panhandler in a wheelchair accidentally fell on the ground. Davis says he saw the panhandler and immediately thought of his paralyzed brother.

Davis also adds that the man immediately picked up the dollar that he dropped, but the officer still told him that he was being cited for littering after pulling him over shortly after. While Cleveland has a law prohibiting drivers from giving money to panhandlers near highways, Davis says he was given a ticket specifically for littering from a motor vehicle.

Davis plans to fight the ticket in court, and says this absurd situation will make him think twice about giving money to panhandlers moving forward.

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