Working Apple-1 Computer Sells for $671,400 in Germany

A record-breaking auction.

Image via YouTube

When it was released in 1976, the original Apple-1 computer only sold for $666. Flash forward 37 years later, and that same item nabbed a record-breaking $671,400 at an auction held in Germany.

Previously, the device had been listed at $640,000 in November at the same auction house, and $375,000 less than six months earlier, according to The New York Times

The paper said the buyer was a wealthy individual from the Far East who wished to remain anonymous.

Still, The Times could determine what drew him to the auction: "the combination of scarcity, a fascination with the early history of the computer age, and the mystique of Apple and its founders, Steven P. Jobs and Stephen G. Wozniak."

Do you agree?

[via The New York Times]

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