Motorola Teases the Droid Turbo by Putting James Franco on a Bicycle

James Franco may or may not be bending spacetime in this video that may or not be an ad for the Droid Turbo.

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If you want to build hype around a device that hasn't been officially announced yet, put James Franco in an ad and upload it to YouTube under a mystery account. 

Motorola seems to be working its marketing department around slowly introducing their upcoming Droid Turbo smartphone by teasing photos of it on social media, and with a new video featuring Franco riding in circles on a bicycle in the dead of night. The video, shot as if it were candid and uploaded to the account "Eleanor Black," shows Franco talking with the woman behind the camera, and each time he moves out of frame and back again, he's in a different spot. It's as if he's moving super fast—at a turbo speed, even. Get it? Yeah, the connection to the phone isn't very subtle. Then Franco pulls out a bright red smartphone, which appears to be the Droid Turbo, and takes a picture of the woman in a fraction of a second. Franco disappears down the street and into the darkness just as fast as the photo was taken. 


Photos of the Droid Turbo have appeared on the official Droid Twitter account recently. They showed black and red versions of the smartphones in tweets that were quickly deleted. As of now, rumors are that the phone will come with a gigantic 3,900mAh battery, a 5.2-inch screen, and a 21-megapixel camera. Oh, and it should take pictures pretty quickly. Expect an official release date soon.

Being the gentleman that he is, Franco tweeted the video along with the hashtag #ad. It's no Matthew McConaughey in a Lincoln, though.

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