Watch the Pulse-Pounding Trailer for the "Destiny" Beta (Video)

With the "Destiny" beta on the way, Bungie has released a trailer for the upcoming demo.

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The Destiny beta will be available for PlayStation 4 users on July 17. In advance of this release, Bungie has dropped a new trailer for the beta featuring commentary from the game's developers about all the awesome things you'll be able to do in their upcoming RPG/FPS hybrid. 

Needless to say, the beta will be jam-packed with content that is sure to please those who are eagerly anticipating Bungie's forthcoming project. Given that this is a test drive for the game, it may be reasonable to expect a couple bugs. Keep in mind: this is a learning experience for the developers so that they can make the final version impeccable. 

Still, however, if the beta is anything like the alpha, you're going to have a damn good time playing through it. Get excited. 

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