Model Named SI's "Rookie of the Year," Gets Call From Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio partied with "Rookie of the Year," Kelly Rohrbach, from 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit issue.

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So basically, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is like the Girlfriend issue for Leonardo DiCaprio. When the stunning, up-and-coming model Kelly Rohrbach was named "Rookie of the Year" in this year's Swimsuit issue, Leo knew it was his time to swoop in. The issue came out in March; Leo, always scheming on the low, has been seen "getting close" with Rohrbach as far back as April, according to Page Six. 

The two partied together in the Hamptons in a lavish and exclusive shindig this weekend. From Page Six:

The duo, spotted getting close at LA club 1Oak back in April, took a seaplane out east with a group of friends including the club’s owner, Richie Akiva.

A seaplane, y'all? A seaplane. But there's more—Leo also rented house for $5000 a night, and hosted an extravagant dinner for his squad:

The actor’s group rented a $5,000-a-night, six-bed mansion in Wainscott. On Sunday, the posse dined in the back room at East Hampton favorite Nick & Toni’s. DiCaprio was casual in jeans, an orange sweater and tweed cap.

All that, though, and Leo couldn't even dress up for the occasion—I, for one, need to see photos of this tweed cap get-up immediately. What would Rihanna say? 

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