Watch LL Cool J's Epic Pictionary Fail on 'Fallon'

LL Cool J totally wipes out on 'Jimmy Fallon' after he's faced with his greatness weakness: Pictionary.

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It's one thing to consider yourself "bad at drawing," a flaw claimed by virtually everyone over the age of ten — it's another thing to publicly humiliate yourself on national television the way that LL Cool J did last night on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon challenged his guests, LL Cool J, Rose Bryne from Bridesmaids, and Big Sean from what was formerly a lovenest, to a game of Pictionary. Right off the bat, as soon as Fallon finished reading the rules, LL Cool J erupted with an earnest, "I can't draw. I can't draw. I just have to get that out there!" It was very honest and adult of him. But it also wouldn't help a lick.

The game went just fine until LL Cool J had to draw an image for the word 'tattoo.' The look on his face when he read the word was priceless. LL Cool J was lost, drifting in a sea of ideas about how to communicate the word 'tattoo,' but quickly realizing they were all useless — but he wasn't as lost as his partner, Bryne, who has literally no idea what is going on his entire turn. Guess which team won?

Big Sean, on the other hand, was on fire last night. Maybe being lowkey good at celebrity boardgames is his way of coping.

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