These Marvel Comic Hip-Hop Album Covers Are the Perfect Collision

Marvel characters + classic rap album artwork equals awesome must-have collectible comic covers.

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If you're in the pop culture sweet spot of being both a rap nerd and a comic book geek, then prepare to be doubly excited. Marvel Comics has just announced a new line called Hip-Hop Variants, which will consist of comic covers interpolating classic rap album artwork. The line will feature up to 50 covers, and if the previews Uproxx obtained are any indication, the range will be far and wide. So far, the selection has everything from classics like The Chronic to recent albums like Long.Live.A$AP, which is less of a classic album than it is a really dope album cover worth emulating. Peep the previews below and stay tuned for more info on the full line's release, currently slated for October.

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