People Roasted Salt Bae for Bothering Lionel Messi to Get a Photo at the World Cup

A clip from Argentina's celebration on TV shows Lionel Messi snubbing Salt Bae for a photo. Messi reluctantly takes a photo with him and fans aren't happy.

Argentina fans are not happy with Salt Bae.

The celebrity chef (real name Nusret Gökçe) posted on his Instagram several videos and photos of himself with the team who won the 2022 World Cup against France. However, what was not shown was how he got his content.

For one photo in particular with superstar Lionel Messi, a clip posted online shows Salt Bae pestering Messi and grabbing his arm. At first, Messi tries to ignore him, but Salt Bae was relentless. Messi finally gave in and took a photo with Salt Bae.

Salt Bae also broke FIFA etiquette by handling the World Cup trophy, which is against the rules.

Needless to say, people were upset about Salt Bae chasing clout and creating a cringey moment for himself.

Here are some of the best reactions below. Salt Bae should just appreciate that he witnessed the best World Cup match in recent history that was adrenaline-pumping and fun.








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