Oliver Stone Will Direct a Movie About Edward Snowden

Oliver Stone will be directing a movie about the man he calls a "hero," Edward Snowden.

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Oliver Stone, outspoken director and political activist, has decided that his next project will be adapting the novel The Snowden Files for the big screen. The book details the story of Edward Snowden, the former NSA programmer who leaked millions of documents detailing the government agency’s questionable surveillance policies and has been functionally in exile ever since.

Stone is no stranger to political dramas; he has directed JFK, Nixon, and W. already, and has called Snowden a “hero” in the media. On this movie, he’ll be working side-by-side with Luke Harding, who wrote The Snowden Files and contributed to the original reporting for The Guardian.

Stone loves casting judgment on politicians in his movies, and given that he has already called President Obama a “snake” and a “disgrace,” it doesn’t sound like this one will be any different. He will, however, be competing with another Snowden-themed film, this one produced by the same people who have brought us the most recent James Bond movies.

No word on casting yet, but Snowden has plenty of look-alikes that would be worthy choices.

[via NY Mag]

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